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Who Are We?

ACC is an ever-growing community of Islamic Online University’s Psychology and Islamic Studies’ students; assisting people to fight depression and mental illness. Since 2015 ACC has been educating people about life, relationships, emotional intelligence, religion, and has been inspiring greatness through free online counselling and educational content.

Our Services


Online Content

The Writer’s department at ACC works at writing content that is effective, practical and educational. Our writers aim to educate people about mental health issues, how to deal with them and how to help those who go through it. The writers at ACC write helpful content about daily-life issues, effective parenting, daily worship, emotional management, productivity and familial framework of the human society.

Online Counselling

We offer free online counselling to people going through personal and mental health issues to provide support and practical strategies to overcome psychological and emotional distress. Our counsellors help you gain insight and understanding of the emotional challenges you are facing and assist you in developing emotional resilience, emotional intelligence and put into effect real change.

Social Media

Our Social Media Department works with our Writer’s Department, Counselling Team and the Graphics Department to create high-quality and concise graphical content about psychology, Islam, social issues, social awareness, personality development and other diverse topics. Our Social Media team strives to create awareness about the importance of mental health through different social media platforms.

The Ideal Personality To Enhance Productivity & Mental Health

We’ve all had those days where we get a burst of energy. We are motivated to become a better person, a better Muslim and a better student or employee. This positive energy makes us feel hopeful for success in Dunya and Aakhirah. But then, the question arises of how?...

Salah for your Mental Health

Salah. It is the second pillar of Islam and the most important pillar after Shahadah, which is the declaration of faith. It is understood that Salah is an intrinsic condition of being a Muslim. A person who doesn’t pray the five daily prayers is considered a kaafir....

Slowly but Surely: The Art of Persistence and Productivity

‘Great things come to those who wait.’ Are you familiar with this phrase? This quote is so popular but not many people know the full version of this phrase. ‘Great things come to those who wait, but only what's left from those who hustle.’ - Abraham Lincoln That’s...

Mental Burnout 101

A burnout happens due to unrelenting and prolonged stress which directly affects your mental, physical and most importantly your spiritual health. Many a time when you’re going through a burnout, you don’t want to acknowledge it. It’s not that you...

The Underrated Attitude

Sabeena looks at her paper in shock. A horrendous red ‘F’ glares at her. She had failed. Suddenly, everything around her disappears. All that she could see was her disastrous paper and all that she could feel was her heart wrenching and tears trickling...

Depression and Your Faith

Depression is often associated with or linked to low faith in Muslim communities. It is this misconception that pushes people further into their own shell and keeps them from reaching out for help. Depression is a very complex illness, it’s often hard for...

Time to Leave Your Screens and Look Around

One would think that with the advent of social media, our friendships and relationships will get deeper and stronger. We will understand what our closest friends are going through and stay in touch with our loved ones across the oceans. There would not be...

Everyday Blessings

In the city where I live, there would be a regular blackout every once in a while. Not too often, probably once every two months. The blackout doesn’t last too long, just for several hours, but then we always prepare for it every time we receive the...

Appreciating Life

What comes into your mind once you hear the word gratitude? The majority of people might respond with the word, “thanks”. Or it'd be being grateful once someone grants you a favor or helps you get out of some quite hardship.   But, what is more important...

Doubts in Worship- Why and How to Reduce Them

-Each time I perform ablution for prayer, I spend so much time in that; sometimes half an hour, even 2 to 3 hours sometimes. Have I washed all the organs? Have I left any spot unwashed? Have I closed the water tap? These doubts compel me to repeat the...

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