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ACC is a non-profit organization comprising of Islamic Online University’s volunteering students, trainee, and practising counsellors and other professionals from around the globe. ACC’s vision is to enlighten the Ummah with quality Islamic Psychology and self-help content and provide free online counselling services via email and Skype. Established in 2015 with just 2 founding members, ACC now hosts nearly a thousand followers from 50+ countries.

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Online Content

The Writer’s department at ACC works at writing content that is effective, practical and educational. Our writers aim to educate people about mental health issues, how to deal with them and how to help those who go through it. The writers at ACC write helpful content about daily-life issues, effective parenting, daily worship, emotional management, productivity and familial framework of the human society.

Online Counselling

We offer free online counselling to people going through personal and mental health issues to provide support and practical strategies to overcome psychological and emotional distress. Our counsellors help you gain insight and understanding of the emotional challenges you are facing and assist you in developing emotional resilience, emotional intelligence and put into effect real change.

Social Media

Our Social Media Department works with our Writer’s Department, Counselling Team and the Graphics Department to create high-quality and concise graphical content about psychology, Islam, social issues, social awareness, personality development and other diverse topics. Our Social Media team strives to create awareness about the importance of mental health through different social media platforms.



“I am so grateful to meet the warm, inspiring, creative, and hardworking team at ACC; Alhamdulillah. It is amazing that how many good things we can accomplish when we work together for a good cause. Hopefully, we can expand our circle, and reach a wider audience so that we can use our knowledge and skills to benefit the masses for the sake of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala.

Ishma Sarah Nur Alim

Social Media Manager

“The Aspiring Counselors’ Club is a blessing for our Ummah. By clicking on the link, “Reach out to us” you can have instant access to free counselling. ACC also offers beautiful articles related to Islam and psychology. Such work is much needed in our day and age as Muslims all around the world are facing numerous problems while living in this modern era.”

Sr. Sheima Sumera

Counselor, Author (How to be a Happy Muslim In sha Allah)

“To say that Aspiring counsellors’ club is changing the game regarding Mental Health issues in Muslim Ummah is not wrong. They have taken up the mantle in a time where this kind of work is much needed.  ACC is a team of passionate, intelligent, and committed individuals with the sole vision of improving the state of Muslim Ummah and help others be their very best. May Allah accept their admirable work.” 

Maryam S. Chaudery

Founder & CEO, Aman Institute


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Cases Handled

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Our Team

Sayema Zulfeqar

Sayema Zulfeqar

Co-Founder, President, India.

Sayema Zulfeqar is a Counselor and a Professional Trainer. She has been actively involved in social work for over 3 years and served as a Domestic Violence Counselor for Islamic Online University. Along with her responsibilities at ACC, she works as a Marketing Coordinator for TMEAG and is a Director of the Customer Success department at Productive Muslim. She has over 7 years voluntary experience as a contributing writer and comic writer for various organizations such as SaudiLife, Muslim Eyes, The Enlightenment Magazine, and Muslim Ink. Her vision is to integrate the teachings of Islam and Psychology for a holistic well-being.

Ishma Imroz

Ishma Imroz

Co-Founder, Counsellor, India.

Ishma Imroz is an Undergraduate Of Bachelors of Science in Islamic Psychology at Islamic Online University. She has worked as a Domestic Abuse Counselor at Islamic Online University. She also maintains a personal poetry blog named, Pearls of a Hijabi Muslimah. Ishma has been a Customer Support Executive at Productive Muslim and a Counselor at Solace Islamic Assitance. Ishma is a guest writer at Rush360qa. Sr. Ishma aspires to be a beacon of hope and guidance for people by guiding them towards the true path.



Strategic Adviser & Head Counselor, India.

Shaher Ban (Bint Najm) is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology at Islamic Online University after completing her Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. She is a Counselor at the Solace Islamic Assistance and Course Facilitator at the Islamic Online University’s Diploma Campus. She has completed certifications in children and adolescent counselling, depression counselling, CBT, REBT and Hypnotherapy.

Maryam S. Chaudery

Maryam S. Chaudery

Web Admin & Content Strategist, Pakistan.

Maryam S. Chaudery is a student of Bachelors of Islamic Studies at Islamic Online University, Entrepreneur, an avid book reader, Graphic designer, depression survivor and a writer. She did her Taleem-ud-Deen & Taleem-ul-Hadeeth from Al-Huda International, Multan. She has and is studying at prestigious universities in the fields of social sciences, management and business through edx and futurelearn. She is a nerd, an enthusiastic student, persistent warrior, compassionate mentor and a person who is passionate for the welfare of humanity.

Maryam Nabaath

Maryam Nabaath

Editor-In-Chief, Maldives.

Maryam is currently pursuing her degree of Bachelors of Science in Islamic Psychology at Islamic Online University. Keen on attaining and spreading authentic knowledge of Islam, Maryam works as a private tutor, tutoring from the premises of her home in the Maldives. A young mother of one child, she is a proud homemaker, striving to fulfil her responsibilities and to bring her daughter up in the best way possible. From a very young age, she has been an avid reader and through her words, she wishes to share her knowledge.

Ishmasarah Nur Alim

Ishmasarah Nur Alim

Dept. Head, Social Media, Indonesia.

Ishma Sarah is currently doing Bachelors in Education from Islamic Online University. She is a graphic designer, writer and an Aspiring educator.

“Social media and digital art are great tools for Dawah if used in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunnah”, says Ishma Sarah.

She believes that through social media and digital arts, we can enlighten and inspire the Muslim Ummah towards an Islamic Lifestyle.



Assistant Dept. Head, Social Media, Saudi Arabia

Sumayya is a student of BAIS (Bachelors in Islamic Studies) at Islamic Online University. She is a passionate and creative graphic designer. Sumayya is a compassionate, vibrant and creative individual who believes in helping other regardless of race or ethnicity. She is passionate about spreading the authentic message of Islam. Her vision is to educate people on how to integrate Islam into their daily lives.

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